Feeling Always Short? Try these 8 simple ways of life



The world community is currently being directed to the hedonic mindset, namely the view that considers the pleasure and enjoyment of matter as the purpose of life. One of them is shopping, someone will only be satisfied if they can already buy branded clothes, shoes and bags.

It's not wrong if you want to buy branded goods but the goal is not to seek happiness or satisfy pleasure. Though happy is simple. Now, how to live simply so that you are happier?

Change the perspective on simple life

The opposite of simple life is luxurious life. Often we equate simple life like a person who looks moneyless, poor and sad. Conversely, if we can use branded goods, eat in restaurants and always ride luxury vehicles that characterizes rich people, lots of money even though in reality many truly rich people choose to live modestly. While those who actually have mediocre money always want to look luxurious life to the extent that credit card debt piles up beyond the limits of ability.

Be thankful

Be thankful you can live in sufficiency, no less food, clothes and there is more than enough shelter. Look at people who are still less fortunate than you. Gratitude makes your life happier, without gratitude you will continue to be anxious to reach what you cannot achieve

Hold your desire to buy things

You still have 2 pairs of shoes that are still good and can be used, hold your desire to buy a new one first. Close your eyes at a store promo that offers you a big discount. Not only shoes, you also have to resist your desire to buy clothes, bags and more if you still have old and can be used. Hold your desire to waste money for the sake of appearance.

Careful in managing finances

Make a note of monthly expenses and income carefully. Don't let your income outweigh your income. Be wise in using a credit card. If you still have a lot of credit card debt, it's good if you pay it off immediately. Spend your money for daily needs.



Simple life while still working hard

Simple life does not mean we are lazy to be poor, just the opposite. You have to work diligently so you can improve your standard of living. By working, you will have a greater purpose in life, for example, if you are an ordinary employee who wants to open your own business, then you will try to save to have capital to open a business.

Live below ability

Living below the ability, for example, if someone eats at an ordinary food stall for 50 thousand, when in fact he can afford to eat in a restaurant for 200 thousand. Or someone who is paid 10 million a month but he prefers to buy a motorbike instead of having to ride a car purchased on credit.

Take control of yourself when you see what other people are using

New office friends buy clothes complete with bags, shoes and accessories. Hold yourself not to feel jealous. Instead of spending money on things like that, it's better to invest your money to buy gold, stocks or other profitable investments. You will be surprised to see your money collected faster than when you like shopping.
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